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Emo-mac is a young but versatile and dynamic company which was initially started with the sales of smaller earthmoving machinery like the smaller dozers, excavators and so on. When time passed, the machines turned to be bigger and bigger. So we forgot about the smaller machines and we are now selling only the bigger (mining) machines, like the bigger dozers, D9 and up, face shovels, and backhoes. 


We discovered that there are a lot of companies who are searching for machines. Because we established a lot of contacts already, we mostly can help these (mining) companies by helping them with searching, finding and delivering their machines in return for a small commission for our services. 


These companies are often looking for low houred or brandnew machines. We are proud to tell, that most of the time, we can help them, and for good prices as well. 


Are you also a mine owner or are you searching for new or low houred machines? Do not hesitate to contact us: 


send us an email: or you can use the Contact button.

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